There’s nothing I like more than talking about my passion !

In my talks my goal is to inspire, educate and entertain my audience with my imagery from around the world and closer to home. My presentation style is informal and engaging and I am known for sharing ideas, techniques and tips with my audiences.

I am an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society and an official Fujifilm X Series Photographer.

The lectures are designed to last around 90 minutes with a break in the middle.

The range of talks currently available is listed below together with some feedback from camera clubs

To book a lecture or find out more please  contact me.



This presentation really does have something for everyone, with a broad selection of images from around the world and close to home. The lecture contains many examples of how I work to develop the image in the field or in post processing to achieve the desired result.



A must see lecture for anyone who enjoys travel photography whether that be on a family holiday or a bespoke photographic trip. Featuring images from around the world and packed with hints & tips on technique, equipment and preparation this presentation will really help you to improve your travel photography. 



Thoresby Colliery, the last pit in Nottinghamshire, closed in July 2015 bringing to an end over 900 years of mining in the county. This presentation tells the story of how the project came about, how it was shot and the resulting exhibition, AV, book and extensive publicity. A great example of “how to shoot a project”. 



This is a two part lecture contrasting a local project, Thoresby (see above), with a selection of my travel imagery. Ideal if you would like a taste of two different genres. Both presentations are packed with useful hints and tips.



20 Ways to Improve your images Many photographers cite composition as the most difficult aspect of photography to master. Whether you are perplexed and confused about the subject, need to refresh your technique or want a burst of creativity this presentation will help you improve your image creation.



If you’ve had little or no success in competition photography this is the story that will inspire you to keep trying. I was successful in gaining a commission to photograph in North East Thailand on behalf of the Tourism Authority. This lecture follows me on my journey around Isaan showcasing images of the culture, people and landscape of this wonderful country.



A fantastic country where people, colour, noise, traffic, culture, poverty and beauty assault your senses and provide countless photographic opportunities. From Delhi, with it’s colonial history, to the vibrant and colourful Rajasthan and ending in marvellous Mumbai the presentation captures the spirit of this wonderful land. 



We are fortunate to have so many varied countries and cultures on our doorstep. This talk takes you around a selection of some of the best and lesser known places around Europe inspiring you to visit and experience for yourself.



Caught in a 1950's time warp Cuba is a unique place in the world. Its vibrant colour, stunning architecture that reflects its colonial past contrasting with the decaying beauty of other buildings and wonderful people make this a photographers paradise. 



"Thank you very much for your amazing talk last night. I had several members contact me to say they thought yours was 'the best talk yet'. It was so full of helpful advice for photographers at every level and wonderfully illustrated with your stunning images".

"Best evening at our club for many years"

"A fine example of how a project should be undertaken, inspiring to say the least"

"Thanks very much for your talk last night, It was truly inspirational. I will definitely be booking you again".

"Well Done!!! A brilliant evening (“One of the best I’ve heard” - from one of our more critical members I might add). Loads of useful practical tips, some super local shots. You are definitely on my list now for one of your other talks!"

" That was a masterful presentation tonight, not only the superb images, but also a wonderfully motivational story that enthralled all who were present".

“Thanks once again for such a great evening last Friday. The feed back that I received from the members is one of true appreciation of seeing such good quality images on such a variety of subjects. Your detailed description of your techniques was so informative and inspirational. I certainly hope that you will be able to visit us again some time in the future" .

"Many thanks for presenting such an interesting and entertaining show for us ……… we all enjoyed your excellent photographs. We hope you will visit us again in the future".

"Thank you so much for a truly superb presentation tonight - thoroughly enjoyed - wonderful piccies and equally a terrific narrative - thank you"

" I would like to extend a huge thank you for your recent lecture. We enjoyed a great evening packed with loads of helpful tips and ideas and some great stories to accompany fantastic images".

"I loved the range and quality of your photos and your lessons and narrative really helped show us both how you worked and also how you felt about the places you travelled to".

"You treated us to some truly evocative and sometimes deeply emotional photography, both brilliantly executed and presented. I should thank you, it was a splendid night. The verdict from the 'jury' holding court in the pub afterwards was entirely glowing and positive".