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I am delighted, and very proud, to be an official Fujifilm X-Series Photographer and to be featured alongside some fantastic photographers from around the world.

My journey into Fujifilm cameras started in 2013 when I bought an XE1 and a couple of lenses with the idea it would run alongside my DSLR kit. However, as many others have found, once I saw the quality of the files and the incredible feel to the images, which I can best describe as filmic, I was hooked. The Fuji was used more and more, my system expanded with an XT1 and a range of lenses and soon the DSLR was consigned to the cupboard. 

Low in bulk and weight, the system packs into a shoulder bag and feels simply liberating to use. It is so intuitive with a superb viewfinder and all the main controls easily accessible. The equipment is extremely well made and handles like a dream though ultimately it’s the image quality that is the most important factor. With the combination of Fuji's renowned quality lenses and the X Trans sensor there is certainly no compromise in this area, the results are stunning.

Fujifilm has built a reputation as a company that listens to its customers and the X Photographers are actively encouraged to provide user feedback which is then used to further improve the system. Their customer service is superb, not least in rewarding loyal users with free body and lens firmware upgrades to integrate the latest technology into existing equipment enhancing the performance.

For a travel photographer the system is unobtrusive and less intimidating than a DSLR helping to produce more natural people pictures. With beautiful design, quality results and a company that listens to their customers I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed using a system more.

To see more about the gear I use click here.

Here are some short videos in which I talk about using the Fujifilm system.


Chris Upton takes the XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR compact zoom as his travel companion.

X-Photographer Chris Upton from UK shoots with FUJIFILM X100F. Watch the photographer in action! Filmed on a FUJIFILM X-T2. Aerial work on a DJI Platform

UK X-Photographer Chris Upton talks about his use of FUJIFILM X-E2S for his work on travel, landscape and reportage photography.

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